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Every bow needs to be always in good condition in order to perform as well as it can and produce the best possible sound from your instrument.

I personally choose the best quality horsehair and offer my expert craftsmanship for the restoration and maintenance of all kinds of bow.
I also replace damaged parts and offer a free estimate of the service needed.
For severely damaged bows a trusted bow maker offers the best service at favourable prices.
The process of rehairing takes two days, in order to allow the horsehair to fully adapt to the bow.


  Lorenzo Maria Cinquepalmi


Thanks to my studies and the precious experience made in the restoration workshop of my father, I also undertake a full range of repairs, restoration works and set-ups, thus allowing the instrument to play its best.
Conservative and functional restoration, repair of all kinds of cracks, restoration of damaged parts and retouching of varnish.
In order to allow your instrument to sound its best, I undertake a full range of set-ups. String change, adjustment of the soundpost, replacement of bridge and soundpost, set-up of nut and pegs. 
All repairs and restorations are carried out with passion and to the highest standard, to let your instrument to play its best. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free estimate


Lorenzo was born in Varese on 16th January 1989. Since he was a child, he devoted himself to music and craftmanship, studying clarinet and working in the restoration workshop of his father.

In 2009 Lorenzo graduated from the art school Angelo Frattini in Varese, and then studied in Milan at the violin making school "Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano".

He graduated in 2011, thus becoming luthier.

He acquired the title of Master in 2013, graduating with honours.

In the same year he started a 2-year-internship at the workshop of Master Luca Primon, former teacher at the "Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano". Under the preciuos guidance of a great Master, Lorenzo honed his skills and made his wealth of experience, mastering the craft of violins, cellos, quartets and decorated instruments.

In 2014 Lorenzo was awarded with the gold medal for cellos, at the 8th A.n.l.a.i. national violinmaking competition and  the Cremona award for the best instrument.

In 2015 he did a one-year master in assembling and fine tunig of bowed string instruments, graduating again with honours.

After a year of further training and research, working with highly esteemed luthiers like Gregg Alf, Elena Bardella and Luca Primon, in 2016 Lorenzo decided to open the doors of his own workshop in the ancient village of Orino, devoting himself to the craft and restoration of violins, violas and cellos.

All my instruments are entirely handcrafted. I carefully choose every single element. Every violin, viola and cello are made with the finest materials. Every instrument is unique, with its own well-structured sound and character.

Violins, violas and cellos have specific sizes and stict proportion, that can be, however, tailored to the musician's needs.

In order to better suite his or her needs, the musician has the opportunity to fully customize the instrument.

Model selection; personally designed models and copies of the great masters of the past.

Wood selection; you can choose first-hand in my workshop the wood, that will give birth to your instrument.

Types of varnish and volour; a wide selection of resins, pigments and kinds of varnish, with their own specific sound and durability.

Sound needs; quartets, orchestra players, soloists. Different performers with different needs, that have to be catered for with the best instrument.

I also craft baroque instruments.

All instruments will be provided with a personally signed and stamped cerificate of autenticity along with photographs that certify the handiwork. 

No prefabricated components are used!