Blue Flower

All my instruments are entirely handcrafted. I carefully choose every single element. Every violin, viola and cello are made with the finest materials. Every instrument is unique, with its own well-structured sound and character.

Violins, violas and cellos have specific sizes and stict proportion, that can be, however, tailored to the musician's needs.

In order to better suite his or her needs, the musician has the opportunity to fully customize the instrument.

Model selection; personally designed models and copies of the great masters of the past.

Wood selection; you can choose first-hand in my workshop the wood, that will give birth to your instrument.

Types of varnish and volour; a wide selection of resins, pigments and kinds of varnish, with their own specific sound and durability.

Sound needs; quartets, orchestra players, soloists. Different performers with different needs, that have to be catered for with the best instrument.

I also craft baroque instruments.

All instruments will be provided with a personally signed and stamped cerificate of autenticity along with photographs that certify the handiwork. 

No prefabricated components are used!